Since 1984, ISDLAF+ has earned a well-deserved reputation among Illinois school districts and community colleges. The Fund is known for its excellent performance, built around the safety, liquidity and yield that school officials want.  And today, the Fund offers an even higher level of “value added” service and support.

An investment process that provides a good yield, offers solid value, and simplifies your life.

ISDLAF+ is administered by school officials, for the schools.

ISDLAF+ gives you choices to meet your school districts’ unique needs.

Ease of Use
24-hour online access to your ISDLAF+ account information.

Value Added Services
As an ISDLAF+ participant, you can benefit from the full range of PMA cash management and
investment services designed especially for school districts. These include:

• Cash Flow Analysis Program
• Bond Proceeds Management Program
• Educational Seminars and Classes

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